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The Effect of Executive Compensationon Credit Default Swap Spread

The Effect of Executive Compensationon Credit Default Swap Spread

Investors have been trying to formulate the optimum composition of executives’ compensation which will incentivize the executives to perform better and act in the shareholders’ best
interests. This study aims to find empirical evidence about the impact of executive compensation
on the default risk with the Credit Default Swap (CDS) spread as the proxy, using panel data to
test the research model, which combines the analysis of cross-section and time series data. The
study is conducted based on 1,416 observations of 177 U.S. companies from 2008-2015. The data
are mainly collected from Datastream, Compustat, CRSP, and the US SEC’s EDGAR database.
The current study provides a contribution by suggesting that executives’ compensation will trigger
risk-taking behavior. The results of this study reveal, firstly, both equity-based compensation and
debt-like compensation induce risk-taking behavior by the executives. Secondly, the correlation
between both the form of the compensation and the CDS spread is weakened in a high information asymmetry environment. Lastly, this study finds that a CFO’s compensation has more influence on the CDS spread, compared to the other board executives, but this condition only occurs
when the compensation is awarded in the form of debt-like compensation. To improve the generalization of the results, a further study may consider expanding the sample into several countries.
Keywords: CDS spread; executive compensation; information asymmetry; risk-taking;


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. (2019).The Effect of Executive Compensationon Credit Default Swap Spread.(Electronic Thesis or Dissertation). Retrieved from https://localhost/etd


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